Newest Mommy-blog on the Block

I’ve racked up a few titles so far in my professional career: registered nurse certified in inpatient obstetrics, certified breastfeeding specialist, internationally board-certified lactation consultant (which is pending because that test is graded slower than my toddler tying her shoes.).  Here’s a title I never thought I would hold: Mommy-blogger.

I’m not the world’s best parent… I think I’d generously place myself in the top-billion.  But I have tons of stories about being in the trenches as a mostly-stay-at-home mom.  I know the questions parents have, how they typically try to answer them, and the vast amount of bullshit “information” they have to sort through.  I’m a self-proclaimed bookworm who reads peer-reviewed research for funsies.

In a moment of temporary insanity, I decided to write a parenting book.  I’m aiming to blend real-life parenting situations with evidence-based solutions in a format that is accessible to everyday non-nerds.  Sounds great, right? Well, I only have one chapter done so far.

I have a long track record of secretly starting projects so that nobody knows if I don’t finish or, even worse, I bomb spectacularly.  I decided to start this blog as a way to keep myself accountable, but also as a way to preview material, gain feedback as my writing progresses, and share my experiences with the writing and *knock on wood* publishing process.  Thanks in advance for being my test audience and personal cheerleading squad.  Welcome to No Bullshit Mama!



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